Mark Brenner, 100% Beatles

Dans la perspective d’une étude en classe et d’un concert à L’Olympia, nous avons interviewé le chanteur Mark Brenner sur ses reprises des Beatles. Moments privilégiés et très appréciés par les élèves de 4B.

Mme Martinez

Quelques textes d’élèves sur la visite de Mark Brenner :

« Last thursday, the singer Mark Brenner came in our class for an interview. he answered our questions, he sang and he played the guitar. I liked when we sang with him « Imagine » by John Lennon. »
« For Mark : you are very nice and funny ! I loved your presence in our class. You play and sing very well. I love your CD !  »
 » Before the meeting, I was a bit under stress and curious because he’s a well-known singer. When I was in front of him, I was surprised because he is very tall. Then, the questions began, I was anxious because of my questions I had to ask in English, I hoped there won’t be any misunderstanding. After that he started to talk, I was very interested. I learned a lot of things about the Beatles, for example that John Lennon did puns of words. Besides, he sang Here come the sun » and « Imagine ». He is very talented. However, he didn’t sing all the songs choosen by the pupils, because his visit was too short. To conclude, I can’t wait to go to his concert ! »
« For Mark : Thank you for coming to see us. The interview was interesting and I learned things about the Beatles. Thank you for having sung a few songs. I really like your way of singing. I will come to the Olympia with pleasure. »

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